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    Hi – My son has been in a township run preschool for speech since he was three. He has had an IEP with the child study team for those two years. He will be entering kindergarten in September and we just had an IEP mtg yesterday. He is now testing out for speech; however he does qualify for OT due to hypotonia issues. We needed to decide whether to do a 504 plan or keep him Classified. Either way he qualifies due to the chronic illness. In his situation, there is little difference. We chose to keep him Classified as it lends itself more flexibility with homebound instruction and attendance requirements. It also indicates many modifications similar to what the other responce noted. In his IEP, when he misses 5 consec. days he is allowed 10 hours of homebound instruction per week. We are very lucky as our school district is really working with us. I wish you well. I think these are wonderful programs that can certainly accomodate the individual needs of our children. Take Care!Jo Ann

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    My daughter, only in kindergarten, has a 504 plan. We had it drawn up before school started to set a precident for upcomping years. As it turned out she was hopitalized in Feb. and March and has missed around 60 days of school this year. Because of the plan she was given a home teacher until she could return to school. We were advised to write all special treatment she might need. This will help future teachers also we were told. Here are some of the things on our plan. Her enzymes are to be kept in her classroom, not the office, in a lock box.( we provided the lock box). This will keep her out of the office where all the sick kids wait for their parents to pick them up, and allow her the enzymes when needed without delay and undue attention. We also keep her inhailer, just in case, and high fat snacks in the box too. She is allowed to use the bathroom without asking anytime needed. She may excuse herself from the room while coughing if needed. When on the playground she is to be allowed to take a water bottle with her at all times and not drink out of the faucets. She is to be moved to another desk if the kid next to her has a cold ( this is done in a discreet way). All complaints of being tired and not feeling well are to be taken seriously and not be labled a whinner. When 10 consecutive days of school are missed and a note from the doctor a home teacher will be provided to keep her on track. ( this will be more importand in years to come) Her teacher must keep us up to date on all work missed while not in school. I’m sure there is more but you get the idea. 504 plans have to be rewritten every year. Our school councelor was a big help and says to write down everything you can think of, just because it’s written doesn’t mean you will need it but it’s there just in case. Also our daughter was just accepted for social security and the 504 having already been in place helped. I hope this helps, Michelle

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    Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cfparents Post your question there and I am sure you will get propmt responses. I don’t know anything about 504 plans but they talk about them a lot on this site, some real “experts” there!Andrea

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    I know that this 504 plan is very important to have for your child. Bobby is 13 years old and will be going to high school next year. We have never had a problem with his class work, teachers, being absent, etc., but next year will be different. Could anyone help me on what all I should put down for him. Thank you.

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