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    I don’t think so.
    Air trapping is when there is residual air left in the lungs after exhalation. I was told that it can be caused by mucus plugs or it can be an indication of emphysema (less elastic airways can’t squeeze it all out). The first reason is most likely for your son, I suspect. (I have it in my lower left lobe, most likely from plugs too.)

    I have non-CF bronchiectasis. I'm an editor, writer, and mom. I'm grateful to the CF community for teaching me so much, especially about the importance of exercise.

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    Another question to add, if it’s okay!..

    Would this also be called “air trapping”? Our doctor has mentioned seeing this a couple of times and I’ve never fully understood it.


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    Thank you all very much!!! More info is very appreciated to me, my mom, bf and family!!! Thank you!!

    Much Love Always!

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    Here is a bit about blebs (air pockets in pleura) and bullae (air pockets in lung tissue). The gist is that unless they are large, you don’t do anything about them.

    by Monica M, MD, Jun 26, 2009 09:17AM
    To: CupCakes770
    Blebs are air filled pockets which occur due to weakness of the lung tissues. They usually occur on the lung surface. These may sometimes rupture due to drastic changes in lung pressure which occurs during scuba diving, mountain climbing etc. However, a single small bleb or even several small blebs may be asymptomatic and usually are not serious, so no treatment is indicated. Large blebs may rupture more frequently leading to pnemothorax or a collection of air in the pleural. Pnemothorax can cause pressure over the lung leading to lung collapse and difficulty in breathing. When this occurs, the pnemothorax needs to be drained by inserting a chest tube into the pleural cavity. The ruptured bleb can be surgically removed to prevent further occurence of pnemothorax.

    Air filled pockets within the lung substance are called bullae and occur in a condition called emphysema
    which is caused due to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Small bullae do not need any treatment but large bullae causing pressure on the surrounding lung may need surgery.

    I have non-CF bronchiectasis. I'm an editor, writer, and mom. I'm grateful to the CF community for teaching me so much, especially about the importance of exercise.

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    Megan….there are many factors that go into determining whether someone needs a lung transplant as I am sure you are aware. There are many things that come up for us over the years. I don’t think we can ever point to one thing as a determining factor. I totally understand your frustration though.


    PS DO NOT let the doctors freak you out… you know you better than they do!!! I usually leave the hospital feeling “blah” because of all the negativity in that place… I can’t stand it… I wish medicine would be a more positive field… I wish they were positive about everything!!!


    I have something like it in my lower left lung… it is the weirdest feeling… If I trace along the bottom of my rib I feel it MOVE!!! FREAKS me out!!! Girlie, I know it is frustrating when you start getting sick more than you were, but I assure you, you are fine… No transplant needed… Like Skye said, just make sure you are keeping up on your exercise and keep those lungs strong…

    I get sick a couple times a year and I get really frustrated (and scared sometimes) but I know in my heart I am going to kick CF’s a$$ for way longer… SO you’ve got to know that and believe it!!! I am 33!!!

    and last, but certainly not least… Have faith… No amount of stress will fix it, the only thing stress does it makes it worse… so take a breath and and put it in a bubble and send it to God… he will handle it!!!

    Sarah Jean

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    Thank you!!

    But that is what the CT scan showed…that I had pockets of air that formed inside my lungs? It just worries me bc I DO NOT want to have a lung transplant until I am a LOT older…im only 22 I do not want to have it right now…he said that I am not at that point…..Its just that if its not one thing its another…I am getting very discusted with this, and very tired of feeling sick and run down….In high school and jr high I was NEVER sick!!! And now?? Ugh!!

    Thank you!

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    Megan….I will try this one…I am certainly no expert though. Your doc may be referring to the residual volume or what is left in your lungs after you have done a full expiration of all of your breath. It is hard to get all the air out as our lungs get worn. I would think exercise would help with this….do what you can. I also play the flute which I think can help with that. Keep doing all of therapy to keep your lungs healthy and try not to worry about those things our docs tell us not to worry about

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    I was just yesterday diagnosed with air pockets in my lung…I fully do not understand this? I mean I know what they are, but I do not know what thw options are and are they managable? My doc is not to worrued about them, but I am.

    Please any info would help!



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