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    the ionic breeze is a scam.

    HEPA filters are universally accepted by allergists as the best way to remove air pollution, bacteria and dust mites from the house.

    I have one in my living room (where I do meds) and one in my bedroom (where I spend 1/3 of my day, every day, sleeping! )

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    OMG!!! I have an Sharper Image Ionic Breeze. I’m soooo glad I read that because I’m not gonna use it again. I don’t have it on all the time, because I get tired of cleaning it, so I’m glad I found this out.

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    I never saw this long thread before. thank you Candice.

    I have two oreck hepa units in my home and love them not only for how they work but for the sound they emit. Very relaxing to me.

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    I looked into the UV radiation thing when buying a humidifier. Turns out UV light/radiation kills lots of bugs but to do so the bugs have to be exposed for more than just a passing few seconds. It seems like in an air handler the bugs in the air would be moving pretty fast past the light so I’m kinda skeptical about its efficacy.

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    We have a hepa filter, but last year I read some article about a UV bulb that is placed in the blower of the furnace/air conditioner of your hourse to zap dust and bugs — touted as being similar to those used in hospitals and restaurants. Anybody know anything about those? L

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    Oh, very good to know before I ran out and bought one of those cute little things. I didn’t pay much attention to those threads before, but I’m getting more interested now. Good to know, I’ll look for HEPAs.

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    candice is correct.

    the only air filters that CFers should be around are HEPA.

    And the majority of germs that you pick up on airplanes are not airborne. they’re from a common bathroom (touching surfaces) and hand rests. bleh.

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    “his unique, laboratory tested ionic wind technology projects trillions of air cleansing ions from its grill that electronically charge pollutants, resulting in cleaner, fresher air while traveling.”

    There was a thread earlier about ionic purifiers not being good for CFers…
    I’ll look it up and post the link..

    That should be the link… I know it seems boring reading at first but it’s very informative.

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    I have one. I am trying to decide if it is helpful. I often wear a mask – but get lots of funny looks like I have SARS or something!

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    Here’s a great idea for use on airplanes and maybe even when you’re in the hospital so you don’t pick up all those germs!


    Anyone seen these before?

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