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    Air Purification systems are very helpful devices for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Air purifiers clean the air around us hence you can make the indoor air free from all kinds of particles causing allergies. I am building a new home and am installing two carrier air purification units. Because we are a family with allergies, I have done extensive research on whole house air purifiers. And my friend suggested me amtek air for installing indoor air purifying. I guess this will be helpful to my family.

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    I purchased an ozone purifier when my son was about 10 months, before he was diagnosed. I could definitly see it working for my allergies and I was glad I bought it. However, soon after my son started having breathing problems. It started out as wheezing and then coughing and after a few months he was waking up in the middle of the night coughing till he puked. After his second episode of mild pneumonia he was diagnosed with CF. My expensive purifier is sitting in my garage and hasn’t been used in years and my son has not had any wheezing, etc… since we stopped using it. I don’t know if there is a definite connection between the purifiers use and his “flare ups”, but I’m not taking any chances. Purifiers can be great but I wouldn’t use one with ozone.

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    Oops! That was me…. Forgot to log in!

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    Once again, you guys are great! Thanks for the advice and I am so glad I asked here first. I will not be purchasing the Ionic Breeze for sure.

    Another question. Holly had an “episode” on saturday that scared us. I am wondering if this is a normal CF kind of thing. She had eaten supper and had cheered at a ball game and was perfectly fine then all the sudden said “I can’t breathe” Didn’t seem like asthma to me. She of course panicked which made it some worse but I asked if she wanted to do her vest which she did. We got it on her real fast and while she was sitting on my lap…..I noticed almost immediately that she relaxed. Seemed like maybe mucus was blocking her airway? This has only happened one other time that we know of. Her mom took her to ER and they said it was typical of CF child. Does this happen to others? Often? I also am noticing more coughing than we are use to. She has a CF appointment tomorrow so I am glad of that. I guess maybe we were just spoiled over the summer as her health was soooo good all summer long. Now with hot days and cool evenings and the damp yucky air…..not to mention all the crops are coming out so lots in the air I would guss. As harsh as TOBI seems, I am almost hoping for them to put her back on it as I can see it does healp her health.

    Ok, Sorry for going on and on! Have a great Tuesday! Thanks again for all the great response!

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    I started a post on the Ionic Breeze a while ago in the family section. I unplugged my son’s immediately after reading about the OZONE. See the following or search on Ionic Breeze in the family section. Paula


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    We have one in our duaghters bedroom as well. During a recent move we didn’t have time to change the filter so we turned it off. Life got in the way and since we had moved to the country for cleaner air we didn’t think much of it. A few months later I got another filter and we turned it back on, and it does make a difference. She used to cough in her sleep but that seems to have stopped so it must be doing something.

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    If you live in an area with a lot of polution you NEED one! When I was a kid we lived in a rural area where the farmers burned their fields and wild fires were a problem. Mom got an air purifier and it worked wonders! I didn’t have to use my bronchodialators as much and even though I had to limit my time outside I could actually go outside and not miss half my summer.

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    I have four air purifiers, one of which is one of those IONIC Breeze Quadra deals. The only carpet we have is in the two upstairs guest bedrooms. Everything else is vinyl or hardwood. I think they help, but they are costly and I have found that the more air born stuff you take out of your house, the worse it effects you outside. At least for me anyway. Its like if I stay in for a few days, my lungs have a hard time adjusting to the outside air. Know what I mean?

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    For me, these are the reasons I got one.
    We have 4 (count them 4!) cats and a dog (sheltie). Our new house is current carpet everywhere!
    I put the filter in the bedroom to help with night sleeping. When it gets turned off by one cat or one wife – and I forget to turn it on – I can’t sleep
    too much dust and discomfort. The model I got pulls from the floor level and blows upward and sits along a wall.
    I am kinda manic about vacuuming and cleaning too. (I’m the guy who is crazy about making the bed everyday – to keep the animals off where I sleep)
    But it helps me – I got it on ebay – cheap.

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    Alright, here’s what I’ve been told. I considered getting one a while back, but there are two things that stopped me.

    1) I have carpeting in my home
    2) I have 2 cats

    If you have carpeting and/or any type of pet that sheds, I’ve been told by my doctors that an air purifier is practically pointless because the germs and other air-borne bacteria will just continue to be around in the carpet and on the fur of the animals. Other than that, if you don’t have those things, I say go for it!

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    I have one – Hunter Hepatech – that I run in our bedroom 24/7. I find that when I do run it I can breathe easier.
    The only drawback is replacing the filter every 3 months ($20 pop) – But I find it a small price to pay for a good
    night’s sleep.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts as to the air purifier machines? Do you think they help or are worth the cost?

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