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    I went to college in Denver, and went to the National Jewish hospital for four years. I absolutely loved their clinic and felt that they took great care of me while I was there. I am a runner and have been running since middle school. They were supportive of me running and working out. I wish that I lived closer to the National Jewish Hospital clinic.

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    U of MN was considered one of the top facilities. In recent years some of the staff has changed, gone on to different clinics, so not sure it fhat’s still the case. They are fairly agressive and a friend of mine’s daughter has been in a few studies there. I’ve also heard the CF clinic in Denver is fairly proactive.

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    On the cff.com website there is info on the different CF centers. Perhaps you would find that useful.

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    bcl0328: i also go to Johns Hopkins! i have seen all the pulmonologists on the team, but Dr Boyle is my absolute favorite!!!

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    Mayo Clinic, Boston Clildrens, Massachusetts General, National Jewish, there are so many. Where do you live?

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    What institutions are on the leading edge of research and drug administration, specifically where it relates to teenagers and how they might participate in sports at some level.

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    If you can define “best”, I’ll try to answer you.


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    I am looking for the best treatment facilities for cystic fibrosis in the USA. Can someone please recommend?

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    i go to john’s hopkins. my doctor is boyle.

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