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    Well this is a new one to us!  Josh has had a blocked salivary gland under his tongue for several months.  The doctors said to eat sour candy and try to “milk’ it out.  He tried without success and out of frustration slit the duct to remove the stone.  (totally eewww, I agree).

    A small stone came out, but then a week later his throat, jaw and neck were tender and he couldn’t open his mouth.  His doc assummed infection and put him on clyndmycine for 10 days.  It helped, but the swelling and pain didn’t go away completely.

    He had a CT scan and was referred to the ENT for evaluation.  As it turns out, he has a stone so big the salivary gland grew around it. It is 12 mm! it was beginning to absess, unrelated to the “self surgical intervention”.

    He is now scheduled for surgery next month. They’ll have to go in through his neck and remove the entire gland to get the stone.  Poor kid, he’s been feeling good otherwise.

    They told us it is common with CF people due to the thickened mucus and dehydration issues, but I’ve  never heard anyone else mention it.

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