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    ^I like this guy.
    Thanks for the comments.

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    I would just watch for lung complications from the powder, but it does sound like you were very lucky! I had an accident last year, didn’t total my car completely, just my entire front end. I was very sore for a while and that’s it, nothing else… You might also feel aches and pains that might develop a few days after your accident. While in shock, you are pretty numb, that’s why so many people are able to walk from an accident, even if they have serious injuries.. Once the adrenaline wears off, then you begin to realize what muscles were pulled and stretched and there will be soreness. I was sore from where the seat belt tugged on me, no bruising, but it took a few days to develop..

    So glad you weren’t seriously hurt

    Jenn 40 wCF

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    Yeah I was defiantly lucky, I had just gotten a picc pulled the day before and that would have gotten messy real fast.
    At least the chest x-ray was better than it has been for a while so there is a silver lining,

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    My truck was totalled in ’98. It rolled 1-1/2 times because a drunk stupid bitch ran a stop sign & broad-sided me. I was forced by AZ DPS to get in the ambulance because I was coughing up blood. I walked away with no real injuries. I’m not the kind to claim ‘Whiplash’ & sue somebody. Bottom line- I’m damned grateful I walked away from an ‘accident’ (there are NO accidents when someone chooses to drink & drive) and I’m thankful to have done so. Thank your personal Savior & walk away. It sounds like you were as fortunate as I.

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    So today I totaled my car. It was scary and I am pretty sure I was in shock. My question to you all is is you have had experiences in accidents which caused adverse affects or complicated your CF?
    First to preemptivly answer some questions…1) It was a 98′ Escort with airbags that had ythe dusty stuff in it, so my lungs burned.
    2) I had a mild concussion, U Washington-Seattle Med center checked me out and did scans… after I had left and gotten out of shock so I started noticing my symptoms. I was not taken anywhere via ambulance.
    3) My blood sugar level at the time was 106mg/dl so that is good.
    So yeah, I was just looking for things I should watch out for, other people’s experiences and stuff like that.

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