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    I love the chiropractor. I have had sinus infections clear up after realigning my neck. Now, a good chiropractor (just like a good doctor) will not promise you a cure-all. My chiropractor put it this way: If a misalignment is causing illness, aligning it will cure it. If something else is causing it, but a misalignment is preventing it from healing, then aligning it will allow other treatments or the body to heal the root cause. If you do not have a misalignment affecting your health then alignment will most probably not help you. So, all that to say, check it out. Try it. If there are misalignments in the body, they are best addressed sooner (younger) when the muscles have least learned to hold the spine in that position. Pain is the LAST indicator of a problem. Also, a problem anywhere in the spine can cause the vertebrae above it to compensate, so you end up with multiple issues stemming from one major trauma or event. Can’t hurt to check it out. My sciatica was also greatly helped through chiropractic adjustment.Sinuses and ear infections are biggies that can be helped through chiropractic adjustment. My husband watched one of my adjustments and could see what she was talking about with the leg length and what “challenges” corrected or worsened the imbalance. So, I don’t think it is malarkey. It may have been that the previous anonymous poster didn’t have a mislignment that needed treatment.

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    I went to a chiropractor for 2 years and never did me a bit of good. what has done me more good than any type of medecine is excersise and stretching. also having good posture. My physician tried to warn me of holistic medecine. I wish I never went. All that hype about one leg being longer or relating your spine to your lungs. What will help is being fit. if your child is too young for major excersise help your child stretch and go for walks. Ask your physical therapist about propper stretching techniques for a child if they cant do it themeselves. I believe a chiropractor is a waste of money unless you do have wiplash or a severe spinal disorder which in that case a chiroprator will turn you over to a real doctor.

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    I love the chiropractor!!!!! I started going after I got whiplash in a car crash but I found out that it can help with all kinds of medical problems!!! Having your spine in the correct position helps your nervous system work better and it can increase blood flow and strengthen the immune system. My chiropractor told me a story about a colicy baby he adjusted and in one shot the colic cleared up. I also go whenever I’m sick because when I cough a lot my upper back and neck get stiff and it can help sinuses drain. Talk to your pediatrician about a chiropractor with experience adjusting kids.

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    Does anyone with cf go to a chiropractor? Any opinions as to whether it would be of any benefit to a child? Thanks! Jo Ann

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