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    Just correcting-

    It’s not neccesarily a myth. It’s usually fine for people to drink it. But some can be lactose intolerant. And my cf docs have always told me to refrain from drinking milk when I have an upper respiratory exacerbation.

    When I don’t have an infection I drink milk every day for the calcium and vit d. Its a very digestible way of getting vitamins. And I love dairy too. Good source of good calories too.

    Just ask your doctor b/c I’ve often heard to refrain from dairy when there’s exacerbation.

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    If it is a myth then why do I get flemmy when I drink milk or eat ice cream?

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    Thanx 4 that. That’s what I wanted 2 hear. My daughter absolutely loves cheese and milk and cream.

    Have a good day.


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    It’s a myth.

    As long as you take the proper enzymes to digest your fat, you are fine.

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    Is it true that eating dairy products can cause mucus to build up more in CFers?


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