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    I actually broke a rib once from coughing. Docs didn’t believe me until they saw it on the x-ray.

    I’m a CF patient who is 62 yrs old. I have broken at least 2 ribs over the years that have been documented by xrays and other times they haven’t bothered xraying because even though they know what we’ll see, there isn’t anything they do to treat it so I don’t bother telling them anymore. I can tell when it happens. Muscle pain, rib pain, chest wall, intercostal muscle pain, and pleurisy are the types of pain that seem to keep on coming. After 62 years of coughing my body finds ways of objecting everyday. Right now me, my doctors and nurses are trying to figure out what to do next with pain meds. I’ve been on tylenol #3 since my forties. I’m up to taking it 2pills 4 x day. I see my CF specialist in January and we’ll be discussing what other options might be worth trying. As most of you probably know, taking too much acetiminophen (such as in tylenol #3 isn’t good for the liver.) My last liver profile was a year ago and a few numbers were off. Will have to have that checked again soon. I am new to the forum, this is my first posting. Am glad to hear from others how they are handling things.

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    I actually broke a rib once from coughing. Docs didn’t believe me until they saw it on the x-ray.

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    All my stomach muscles were sore for days after being down with the flu last week. I had also back pains down my spine due to coughing… But it was all during the flu, my normal cough isnt that strong!

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    I cough ribs out of place all the time! I have to exercise and strengthen my back to minimize how much it happens. Coughing so much muscles hurt more around the rib cage or a general area. Coughing a rib out the pain is localized and doesnt go away and hurts in different positions. Also you can reach back and feel next to your spine the rib up a little higher than the rest. I see a chiropractor and have found that yoga is a HUGE help in keeping my alignment, clearing my lungs, and strengthening my body in a kind and gentle way. Plus I can do some form of yoga more regularly and cant keep exercising at the gym so regular because of getting sick or waves of less energy.

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    My left chest wall/ribs stick out more than the right side. This is an on-going everyday issue for the past 6 years. I use Lidoderm patches everyday, heating pad, and pain meds. None of my doctors can explain it, which, if they really took the time and did an MRI, they would know. What it is to me from coughing every day for soooo long (44 yrs), and our thorax and rib cage change/conform to how our lungs are changing. My left lung is pushing against muscles, nerves, plurea, and my rib cage. It feels like the lung wants to come out!!!!! My pulmo doc should know, but he just acts like a dummy and tells me he doesn’t know why it would be doing that. The sad part of finding out who told and understood my pain was a pallative care doctor. 😡


    Heard that some people cough too much and have coughed a rib to be out of place. Just wondering what is the difference between a sore muscle from coughing and coughing so much that you put a rib out of place? if you coughed a rib out of place, does it hurt alot and what can you do about it?

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