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    I’m in the US, and my doctor has me on ADEK as well as Vitamins E and K. Actually I was on the E and K first (I think before ADEKs came out, don’t know how long they’ve been around), so ADEK was kind of an afterthought, but he kept me on the E and K in addition to it. So I don’t know that ADEKs necessarily provide all that much if you have a specific deficiency.

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    In Ontario, they don’t sell the ADEK anymore. I asked the doc about vitamine K because I was put on a flintstone vit. and vit. E combo. I asked if I would still be getting the vit. K that I needed. She said that if you have a lack of vit. K they were finding that the amount of vit. K in the ADEK wasn’t enough to do any real help. There could be different formulas in the US.

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    Vit K also helps the body use Calcium (along with vit D) which is important for us CFers since we are at higher risk for osteoperosis. Diane~ I completely agree….doesnt make sense since its more expensive overall for the insurance company…never could understand that either…

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    Hi Jarod,
    Vitamin K helps clot the blood. Your doctor can prescribe Mephyton ( prescription name for vitamin K) and maybe your insurance will pay for it that way. My insurance also does not cover ADEKS, so i am taking 2 centrum per day and vit.E and vit.K . Funny how the insurance will pay for those seperately which cost more than if they paid for the “ADEKS” Good luck
    ~Diane 39 / cf / diabetes / b.cepacia

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    Hello, everyone. Does anyone know what Vitamin K does for the body? I took a nutrition class once, but I forgot what it does. Anyway, I’m asking because my doctor said I am very low on vitamin K. It is because my stupid insurance company decided they were not going to cover ADEK’s anymore, and my stupid mail order pharmacy won’t send me ADEKs if the insurance doesn’t cover it, even though they are only about $20. I ordered the other ones from the source cf website, so i’ll be fine, I’m just wondering. =-)

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