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    I’m a 6-12 grade band director.


    I was a retail manager before had to stop, had more fun delivering pizzas part-time after on ssi. It’s a great workout and who isn’t happy to see the pizza lady, plus I get to sing to the radio like nobody is listening!

    Recently started back to school to work on psych degree, now that I’m 31 and have big plans of living a healthy life(OXYGEN)

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    Im a paramedic and love it! Although I’m careful on those days when I get dirty patients, my daughter is ddf508. I walk straight to the washing machine and strip, then I tell the kids not to touch mommy and ill give em a kiss after my shower.

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    Sad seeing this post :(

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    I graduated college a few months ago and just got a job in Oregon as a Physical Therapist Assistant, working in a skilled nursing facility. I start next Monday!

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    I work at an advertising agency that caters to pharmaceutical companies doing search engine optimization. My CF has given me the chance to pitch and work on CREON and participate in a pitch for none other than Vertex’s KALYDECO. Both have been absolutely amazing experiences!


    I am an Adjunct Professor of Biology (Human Anatomy as well as Physiology, Genetics and Evolution, Cellular Molecular Biology, and Principals of Biology) as well as I conduct research on CF looking at the Viruses (bacteriophage) in Respiratory Tracts of CF patients and the Non-CF people. Somewhere in there I get a vacation and go Fly Fishing 😛
    Yes… I am a double delta F508

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    I make synthetic hairballs for ceramic cats. Very gratifying work.

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    I work for a healthcare company, Kaiser Permanente. Ive been very lucky to have been employed for 17 years now. I never had the chops for a high stress high pay job……..instead I opted for stress free and stability. For my needs, it works perfectly having free healthcare.

    My husband works for Kaiser, he is a lab technician. I have insurance through them and I LOVE IT!!! I couldn’t ask for a better health team.

    I am the one with CF and I too am a lab technician, I work in a hospital lab running your cbc’s, urines, drug levels, sputum cultures etc. It’s all I have ever wanted to do. I have an Associate’s Degree and have gone back to school full time to get my Bachelor’s degree. I am also a mom to 2 teens, no CF.

    I can understand the work anonymous does because I decided before kids that I didn’t want to bring a child into this world that would have CF. Personal choice. I never had to actually abort but that is the decision I chose.

    Kalen 46yo FWCF, double delta F508, diabetes

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    I work for a healthcare company, Kaiser Permanente. Ive been very lucky to have been employed for 17 years now. I never had the chops for a high stress high pay job……..instead I opted for stress free and stability. For my needs, it works perfectly having free healthcare.

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    I’m a certified engineering technician. More specifically my job title is Transportation Construction Inspector II. I work for a private engineering firm providing consulting services to the state DOT and turnpike authority. When not consulting for the state I work for my firm in the private sector in civil engineering I specialize in soil mechanics, foundations, concrete, reinforced structural masonry and reinforcing steel. I spend 95% of my time outside (no matter the weather). In the last 3 years I have seen my desk at my permanent office 10 times (typically there is a field office I can utilize). I absolutely love it. My work has me walking a minimum of 5 to 6 miles a day on site. I get to mix brain work with physical work.

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    I have a gluten free business, work from home and a small warehouse. We wholesale and retail gluten free products online. Before that I owned a real estate company, as a broker. I use to own a juice bar. I worked in marketing the years before that. One thing I should of done is to accrue enough ssi credits to go on disability. Most of us never think we need to stop working, but ssdi and disability are a good part of proactive financial management. Now I could probably go on disability but have to wait a few years to get enough credits. So I pace myself and work as much as I can.

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    Hello, i do not have c/f, but my bro does. I work for the city removing grafitti from 4a.m till noon. The hours are great , but the only dilema is my partner that i work with speaks no english so there is a severe lack of communication so it can get a bit frusterating at times so we just laugh at each other and draw pictures to one another. you just have to make the best out of everything…………………………………………..

    Hey thanks, we are in Los Angeles and the graffiti team is rapid response. Keep up the good work.

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    i’m an Emergency Telecommunicator for Fire, EMS and Police! been at it for ten years and love it!!!

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    I was a truck driver for 23 years. I spent 5 of those years truckin’ cross-country. I’ve been to all the lower 48 states & driven in every major city in the nation. The last 10 years of my career I worked for a small, family owned trucking company. I pulled an end-dump & flatbed with them. We hauled for the local copper mines. They were the best people I ever worked for. They were a real God-send. When I started going down hill, my truck sat each time I was hospitalized. Nobody drove my truck until it was confirmed I would be medically retired. I loved my job & there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss driving. Its a real rush to be able to control a truck that big in big-city traffic & do it safely. I retired with over 2 million safe miles under my belt. I’d give anything to be able to go back to driving.

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