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    I’m so glad I saw this… I’m going to try it…. Im having the WORST break out ever on Zyvox and it makes me sooo self conscious :( Does anyone else have any remedies?

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    I was reading in a forum awhile ago about someone mentioning that when they are put on Zyvox that they get a acne-type rash on their face/chest. I didn’t respond at the time, but I should have. I was told that this is similar to a yeast infection on your face/chest & that the way to get rid of it is Selsun Blue. Random, right? It works wonders. Anytime I’ve been on Zyvox & begin to notice the acne-ish stuff forming on my face, I’ll wet my face, put a thin layer of Selsun Blue on my face, leave it on for 2-10 minutes(depends on my mood) & then rinse it off. I do it every day until I’m off of Zyvox. It really helps get rid of it & prevents more from emerging on my face. It does dry out your skin, but I think its better than the weird acne that forms. Just thought this was something useful to know.

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