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Please donate to support the service offered by is a non-profit parent to, your Cystic Fibrosis community website.

In order to keep this valuable resource alive and kicking, your donations are urgently needed. It just takes a few minutes to donate $5, $15, $25, $50, even $100, or whatever you can afford to ensure the continued presence of, a website dedicated to and for you!

Please take a few minutes now to donate a tax deductible contribution.

Background has served the CF community for over 20 years. Behind the scenes, a dedicated group of VOLUNTEERS has tirelessly helped Imogene, the administrator, founder and the Driving Force behind it all. Virtually all services related to this website depend on volunteers: website maintenance, improvement, content development, and a multitude of other activities that bring the CF community together. Many of the volunteers are afflicted with CF or are caregivers and family of CF patients. Your donations are needed to ensure this continued support of the CF community and to make the site even better for the CF community.

Imogene does not have CF.  Some 20+ years ago, she was a professional domainer, a person who dreams up domain names, copyrights them and sells them to businesses and professionals wanting a fitting, imaginative and protected domain name. One such domain name was

A domainer has to be in the right place at the right time and twenty-odd years ago, the iron was hot. A friend of Imogene’s with CF expressed a genuine need for a CF community website that would allow people to ask questions, vent over problems with hospital or doctor care, share important information about drugs, home medical equipment, find approved CF Centers and much more.

Imogene took and made it a reality. It grew from a text-based bulletin board to a full-blown website. In order to keep current, she and a small group of volunteers have periodically increased the power of the software behind this community website. has become Imogene’s Life, her Church, and her School. She is a force of nature, drawing in people like me and many much more involved volunteers to this noble cause.

Why donations are necessary

Any non-profit organization has expenses and with few exceptions, Imogene has paid them out of her own pocket. In order for to continue to serve the community, make the website more user-friendly and expand the services to the CF community, needs donations. Like all non-profit organizations, needs to pay wages, rent and utilities, professional fees and licenses for technology and software, subscriptions, dues, and staff development, just to name a few.

I have come to know and work with Jeanne (Imogene) over the past few years, as many CFers and caregivers/family have. There aren’t words to express just how much she has accomplished, and we are the beneficiaries of her personal mission.

I believe it is time to say Thank You with your donation now and remember to support the Mother of


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