The CFTechnology Foundation is created to give education & technology to our Cystic Fibrosis community!



The CFTechnology Foundation was created as a non-profit organization to harness the knowledge and energy of the oldest and largest online cystic fibrosis community,

Our mission is to connect, support and educate the global cystic fibrosis community comprised of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and other industry stakeholders. Our immediate and ongoing focus is on bringing technology to the community that leads to a better understanding of the condition, more efficient management of treatments, and improved health outcomes.

Our long-term vision is to work toward a sustainable collaboration between patients and industry stakeholders to achieve participatory healthcare. We are working with healthcare industry service providers and care delivery organizations that believe in harnessing the knowledge of the patient and patient/caregiver communities. The CF community holds a wealth of knowledge on the disease, understands the challenges they face, and has valuable insight into solutions to their challenges.

To learn more, please click on 501(c)(3) to watch our video and read about our research in the Living with CF section of the website.