This heartfelt article filled with personal experience will give you 10 great ways to respond when really “you may feel speechless” at some surprising news a friend may give you. Full of empathy and gentleness.  This is one we all need as we struggle to be our best selves for all in our circle!  You may have received a Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis in your family, or need to offer words of encouragement to someone with a new diagnosis…the article offers some advice on appropriate ways to offer support.

Read the full article here from The Federalist


1. Seek to Empathize and Understand

2. Assess Your Relationship, and How Best To Support the Family

3. When Considering What To Say, Keep It Simple

4. Don’t Be Insensitive Or Judgmental

5. Know Your Place: Offer Advice Gently

6. Know When You Need To Apologize (if you were out of line)

7. Use Your Strengths and Expertise To Help

8. Connect Parents With Others, and Offer Concrete Assistance

9. Keep the Family In the Loop

10. Support and Encourage the Parents


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