Using the Portable Genomics App


CFtechnology and Portable Genomics are proud to create a partnership using a new, customizable app!

In the Digital Age, it is no surprise that apps are finding their way into the medical field. Technology is everywhere, so why not harness the power of this technology? There are apps for reminders, photos and sharing daily life, so why not use an app which can provide some organization and help maintain control of YOUR health information?

 First Impressions

The app was very easy to download and set up a new account.  There are many options for pre-loaded modules, so the Cystic Fibrosis modules can be selected and they simply import in.

Portable Genomics App Module Selection Home Screen


The App Features

While tracking information may sound a bit tedious, just as pancreatic enzymes have become second nature, so does tracking my current information to help in Future Me.

Using this app, you can track subjective measures, like mood, and objective items, such as which bacteria you are currently culturing and which medicines those bacteria are susceptible and resistant to, as well as your food intake.

Mood PageMicrobiology cultured and susceptibility/resistance Food capture screen





Additionally, you can track your list of medications, so there is no need to struggle to remember them all at your next appointment. There is also an option to add your own sections, for instance, blood sugars, hospitalizations, and surgeries.

Medication/treatment home page  Medication3adding medication/treatment Overview of medications


Through this app, you also have the ability to share this information to pharma companies to aid in research.  The choice to share or not to share is completely up to you! Most noteworthy is all the information is YOURS, stored on your mobile device and safely protection via unique password.  You choose what information, if any, you would like shared.  The Portable Genomics app will prompt each time there is an opportunity to share your information for research.

Share Screen

Of course, tracking a day will be missed here and there; but on the days I do track, it is rewarding to see progress/ changes being made.

The Future

Currently, I use three apps to monitor my information. Portable Genomics has the potential to replace all these apps into one app.

We look forward to sharing more about the Portable Genomics app in the near future and bringing the app to you!

If you would like to read more you can here: Portable Genomics and Portable Genomics App Module Selection Partnership


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