Since 2003, when we first started saving all our messages here at, Cystic Fibrosis genetics and our mutations have always been a hot topic. At first, we didn’t even know our genetics could be tested, because the sweat test was the gold standard for diagnosis. Then came Ambry Genetics. We learned we could have very expensive tests to find the mutations on the CFTR gene causing our cystic fibrosis.

Then our physicians wanted to know our mutations.

We began to see new personalized medications based on our mutations.  Many of us are on the Vertex drugs based on mutations.

The news today is about the next step: CRISPR, a man made molecule that can find mutated DNA. It can snip targets from the genome, and then scientists can patch it with corrected information. CRISPR shows the promise of cutting out diseases in humans and even in mosquitoes.

CRISPR gets the green light for the first clinical trial. Read Nature

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