Newly Diagnosed/Infancy

  1. The doctors want me to give the enzymes to my baby in food but he’s only a week old? I thought we weren’t supposed to give solids that early.
  2. My baby nurses by grazing. When do I give more enzymes?
  3. I’m supposed to give ½ an enzyme. How do I do that?
  4. How do you do enzymes for nighttime feedings?
  5. If my baby has thrush, do I need to be careful that the enzymes don’t get stuck in his/her mouth or throat? I have heard of this happening.


Toddler Age

  1. My toddler refuses to take his enzymes. What do I do? Do I put it in ice cream, bribe, etc. or are there other tactics and philosophies?
  2. What types of food are okay to put enzymes in?
  3. When can children start swallowing the pills?
  4. How do I get my toddler/youth to swallow pills?


General Questions

  1. My enzymes aren’t working. Do brands work differently? What brands work best for different situations?
  2. What is the proper dosing?
  3. Can I dose by fat intake instead of by body weight?
  4. How much fat can an enzyme “process”?
  5. How do I know if constipation is caused by too many or too few enzymes?
  6. My child has horrible GI issues. What can I do with enzymes to improve this situation?
  7. What do stools tell me about enzyme dosing?
  8. When is it best to take the enzymes? The beginning, middle or end of a meal? Or should I take some first, middle and last?

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