Your Financial Questions From Our Survey in April 2015


How can you lower our out of pocket expenses in medications?

Where else can we find financial help for the high cost of copays?

Where can I get help with expenses?

The high cost of medicines and machines need to be fought.

I have an “Obama Care” plan and was given the wrong information by Aetna when choosing the plan.  I now cannot afford my enzymes.  What should I do?  The social worker at my CF center has not helped.  I am employed without benefits.

Should my prescriptions be tallied into my taxes?

Why Kalydeco and Ivacaftor are so expensive?

How to afford all the medications and equipment?

How can I get more help with covering meds not approved by the FDA but prescribed by the doctor?

What insurance has the best overall coverage for CF?

Can the cost Kalydeco be lowered if extended to conditions like COPD, mild CF, rhino sinusitis etc?

How can I obtain necessary home equipment if I can’t afford it?

Managing insurance?

How can Kalydeco be more affordable?

How much benefit do you receive from Medicaid?

How do we make CF drugs more affordable?

Expenses claimable of income purposes?

Financial help availability options.  Seems like we ALWAYS have to know the questions to ask before we get answers.  There needs to be some type of routine Q and A list available!

How do you financially cope?

Cost of medications?

Support for IVF for CF patients?

Paying for medication once your child matures off your health insurance?

5% or 7% saline, why isn’t it covered?

How do I apply for SSI for a CF patient?

Are there places in the US that people with CF are more successful?

Legal issues like what can I write on taxes and what are my options for SSI?

A person /number to call for help with SSI?

Is it possible to get SSI or SSDI?

How many people receive Social Security benefits?

Why is Cystic Fibrosis not considered  a disability?

How to obtain a Home Health Nurse with state insurance?

How to get Social Security?

Help fighting insurance to get over the counter items I need to stay healthy to be covered?

Medical companies charging what they like because they know they can get the price through insurance.

Navigating health care challenges with insurance companies.

When to start thinking about SSI and other programs?

What government benefits can CFers get (tax breaks, food cost breaks, etc)?

Why are IV antibiotics not covered by Medicare?

How can I find help for myself when I have moved to a different state and they don’t treat the CF patient the same?

Whey is the criteria for applying for SSDI so difficult?

Why are some meds not covered by Medicaid?

Assistance in dealing with insurance companies?

What organizations will help with copays and what meds will each cover?


Dr. Warren Warwick, The Bell Curve


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